Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stubborn AO Newly Updated!

Now Fully Animated instead of static poses. =D

Single Poses Available here:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Out With The Old...

And IN with the new! The original EmotiveAO is officially gone, off shelves, and deleted from inventory. But.. the new animated versions are up =D. The new versions are very subtly animated, small movements, breathing, natural. The individual AO's are $L650 (only 150 more for the animated version than the original) and the big 4 in 1 EmotiveAO is $L1800 (Only L300 more than the original and a savings of $L800 over buying each pack separately-which is actually a bigger savings than the original even =D )

This week in retirement, is my StubbornAO. Half off for the next week $L250!

<3 Surrealia

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AO Retirement Sale

In June 2007, I started making AO's for myself and friends for fun. I didn't know that a year later, I'd have a store full of them and be getting ready to open my own island. I've had a ton of fun along the way, and I hope to think I'm getting a bit better. That said, my first AO's were pretty much entirely static so I've decided to start retiring them and replacing them with animated versions. The first set to retire is my EmotiveAO line. This is a set of 4 AO's. Confident, Mellow, Emo, and Shy, along with the full EmotiveAO that contains all 4 will be set 50% off for the next week only. After that, I'll be deleting them forever and replacing them with a new and better version of these systems. To be clear, that will make the smaller single packs L250 per AO, and the full EmotiveAO version with all 4 packs L750. So if you haven't grabbed these yet, now is your chance for a big savings :D

<3 Surrealia My Current Main Store Location