Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Darling AO + Bunneh Luv!

Yay for Spring Break and a whole week off school! Yay for... a week to work my ass off before going back to school? So much to do- I already feel late!

Well.. here is the first in my series of finally finished releases! First, a new AO- something light and bubbly for springtime "Darling". Those of you who prefer the shy girlie type anims should like this one. There are 5 animated stands, object and ground sits inside. Come pick it up, or grab some singles to freshen up your existing AO!

Next- Bunneh Luv! Who doesn't want a big, fat, floppy, Chubbeh Bunneh friend to join them on all the great hunts right now? Or how about coming back to your little SL homestead and curling up with a Cuddleh or Snuggleh Bunneh whose just laying there waiting for you on your bed or floor? These buuny's have 3 fully animated snuggle poses each and are great for sitting around with friends after your all hunted out! Also.. (not pictured).. Bunny hops!.. these will replace your walks and/or runs with springy fun time goodness! Come see!