Friday, November 27, 2009

Santa Claws!

This weeks new releases.. and Group Gift!

Santa Claws! He is available in 4 versions-

1) A super sized jolly fellow for you to play on! (photo above) He has 6 built in animations that allow you to pet his whiskers, swing on his tail, and much more. This is a great decoration for homes, or businesses. He is fully sculpted, and menu operated with pose adjustability and no pose balls. He's tons of fun and super cute- something new for the holidays.

2)The second version, (above) is much smaller and contains 2 poses for people to 'take their photo with Santa Claws!". Again, he is a lovely addition to both homes and businesses.

3)Huggable! (above) The 3rd version is a holdable mini version of the big guy with arm hold script built in. Take him with you everywhere you go!

4) Group gift! A free mantle sized (above) Santa Claws to adorn your fireplaces this holiday. This goes out to group members only- thank you so much for support! <3

All version are Transferable aka Giftable for the Holiday season. Spread the cheer!

Stay tuned for more this Holiday Season from ANA_Mations!

<3 Surrealia

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Releases Including Roller Skates!

Hullos all! =D

I have some new things for you this week!

First up.. Roller Skates! Yessss Roller Skates! There is two types, knee high rollers, and low top rollers. There are 6 different styles of HiTops, and 4 styles of LoTops. Sculpted, Resizable and the Tintable (pictured)version is you guessed it.. Recolorable!

They are also animated.. skate walk/run/crouch/crouch walk and turns.. made to work with your existing AO stands and including a special animation to load into your ZHAO II walks list so that you wont be walking on your roller skates..

There is a special version of the HighTop Skates called Starlight with stars and music notes but it is only available as a single purchase at the Shoe Fair. 100% of the sale from this pair of skates will go to the Toys for Tots foundation.

Next release!

Urban Action Poses. This set of 8 poses was especially made to work with the skates, but, they are poses and would certainly work without them also.

Next release!

BFF Poses. This is a new line I am putting out just for friends, so expect more from this series as time goes on. There are 3 poses up to start with, "Sincerity", "Loyalty", and "Trust".

I hope you are all safe and well, and happily getting ready for the upcoming holiday season!

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