Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall's Here!

Here at ANA_Mations fall is our favourite time of year. So you better believe we have lots of new releases planned for you in the next coming months.

One of the first fall inspired releases are these decorative and interactive leaf piles! Copy to place them all over your sims, mod to change their shapes up for variation. Line them along side paths and walkways. Also, a low natural sound will play and leaves will scatter when you walk through them! They are sold in individual colours and in a fatpack.

Next is the Scarecrow Buddy that was released late last night for Super Bargain Saturday. You can grab him for 60L up until 12SLT on Saturday, and then he'll return to his original price.

Since we've been slacking on posting the recent releases we've put out, I figured I would include them in this post for you all.

Both the backpacks and the lunchboxes come in a range of different colours and cute designs aswell as a TON of school/lunch necessities inside of them. They are completely menu driven and easy to use.

Whew, apologies for the long post. Until next time!

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