Monday, December 17, 2007


Maybe its just me, but I thought there are just wayyy too many child av's in SL wearing adult-type AO's and it just... well... ewww. SO, I built the child av's a new AO system *Merry Christmas*. This is a full AO package (despite the pic above that only shows the stands), and its fully animated because as we all know, children, do not stand still. 5 stands.. 2 sits, walk, run, jump/fly/flyup/flydown/hover/crouch/crouch walk.. all of it. Some of the anims will work for regular adult av's if you are feeling young at heart_ like the walking on hands crouchwalk, the sits and some of the stands.. but, the anims were optimized for very small avatars so I recommend adults buy single anims instead and put them in your existing AO's.

In the AO are also 2 kiddie gestures, and a kiddie dance for extra fun ^_^

I have to say tho, that of all the ao's and poses etc I've built, this has been the most fun to create, and I've laughed a whole lot watching it in action lol. Enjoy :)

<3 Surr

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Oh come on.. this is SL, you KNOW you're already Korruptd ;)

KorruptdAO for girls includes: 5 new stands, a new walk, run, animated object and ground sits. Its Zhao 2, and mod/copy so you can add more to your existing AO.

<3 Surrealia