Monday, May 31, 2010

More Summer Releases at ANA_Mations!

Two new Summertime fun releases!

Rubber Ducky has 5 built in adjustable poses for 1-3 people.

The Lily Pad contains 9 animations for lounging in the sun or shade. It contains unisex poses for up to about 6 avatars at once.

Also, the subscribo members will be sent a cute mini rubber ducky for your shoulder in celebration for being at almost 1000 subscribers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Playground Releases!

This old style jungle gym has 12 poses in it for a great time monkeying around. Add it to your backyard for some fun, or onto an island park to encourage traffic!

I've played around on a lot of merry go rounds in SL.. this is the most fun ever. 10 animations to choose from including dragging along the ground. There is also a sculpted base for even landing on terrain, and a poseball with pushing animation. 5 different styles to choose from including tintable, strawberries, wooden, 45 adapter, and record.

This is SL.. don't stand around being so serious- have FUN!

I am not yet done building my playground stuff for the summer- so there's more to come!