Thursday, November 25, 2010

ANA_Mations Black Friday Sale

Happy Turkey Day everyone!
Hope your bellies are all full and your slipping into a wonderful turkey comatose.

ANA_Mations is holding a Black Friday Sale from Friday
12amslt to Saturday 12amslt, a full 24 hours of great sale items!

All houses, home decor and furniture will be 50% off

There are also 4 special gift sets located around the store in big present boxes at a -very- discounted price.

For the kid at heart:

Set 1 has the old school swingset, record merry-go-round, the jungle gym, monkey bars, and trampoline.
Worth: 2550L
Sale Price: 500L

Set 2 has the wooden swingset, wooden merry-go-round, the jungle gym, monkey bars, and trampoline.
Worth: 2550L
Sale Price: 500L

For the water lover:

Set 3 has 2 innertubes, water trampoline, rubber ducky, lily pad, beach towel, water sprinkler.
Worth: 2800L
Sale Price: 500L

For the couples:

Set 4 has 2 pool pose sets, couples innertube, couples hammock, 2 drive-in cuddle blankets
Worth: 2400L
Sale Price: 500L

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trick or Treat Gacha and Magic Brooms!

There is alot of stuff in here, so make sure to read it all!

The New Witch AO with Magic Broom!

This is an updated version of my old Witch AO. Its the same AO, BUT, now it has a magic broom! The Magic Broom includes a HUD that gives the broom its magic powers. There are 10 special effects inside, like thunderstorms, and candy rain, and crow and butterfly emitters. Something for both good, and bad witches.

Because I realize some of you don't want to buy the AO itself twice, I also put out the broom by itself- it will give you all the magic you need to compliment the former Witch AO if you have it.

This Hat is so funny.. wear it, click it, and it will jump off your head and run in a circle around you before hopping back onto your head!

The Hide and Seek Gacha Event starts tomorrow! (But our gacha vendor will be out at the store tonight, at the front of the store.)
Here are the prizes you can win from ANA_Mations:

The Gacha Cats are little shoulder cats dressed up in super cute halloween outfits! The Trick or Treat Cats (as shown in the poster) are sculpture sized cats for decor- You can grab the whole set of those for L350, or the shoulder cats in the gacha for 25L each!

Come down and collect them all, and make sure to check out the other participating store around the sim. They are:
Awesome Blossom
Olive Juice
Molto Bene!

Taxi to ANA_Mations

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spirit Day 2010 Special Edition Bouncy Balls

7 colors, for 7 dead children. All 7 are in the pack, for FREE today only. Keep one, and give 6 away. Give them to friends, family, strangers, and noobs. Please do your part both online, and offline, to prevent the bullying of gay teens. Tell your friends, and your RL children, to "Go Purple!" Not just today, but for life. We are.

Surrealia Anatine, Faith Rosenberg

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Halloween Releases! Plus Gacha info and Happy Halloween Hunt hint!

The SBS item that was for sale over the weekend is now available to buy in the store! These old school candy pails are filled with both tricks AND treats. Click the pail and take your pick, your friends can click the pail but shhhhh don't tell them which is the tricks and which are the treats. *snickers*

We have a Gacha machine down in the store now! The prizes inside are these Shoulder Spiders! These little guys are so cute! They are 35L in the Gacha (located beside the Lucky Board)- there is 3 Common spiders, 1 Rare, and 1 Secret Spider! Collect them all!

On a quick side note, there are new items inside the lucky board, hurrah! You can win a bunch of Halloween/autumn stuff from recent releases, come check it out.

Also, when the store moved, all the old Halloween stuff wasn't set out, so...
- The Halloween AOs are back out on the AO floor (except the Witches AO cause I'm updating that one for you!)
- The Blood Doll Couples/Group Vampire Poses are up on the Photography Floor

On a FINAL note, ANA_Mations is participating in the Happy Halloween Hunt! Our hint is:
"One and the same"
Think you can find it?

More soon, plus The Hide and Seek Trick or Treat Gacha Event, and more new stuff for Halloween. (I know I keep saying that, but it's our favourite holiday!)

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Halloween Releases, and SBS info!

Please note that the huggable Morbid Molly is available for 60L for Super Bargain Saturday until tomorrow (October 9th) night at midnight SLT.

The little brown flying bats are super cute, temp rezzing so they won't affect your prim count, configurable, and copyable! They are available as just an emitter, or along with the Morbid Molly Scarecrow.

The Circling Crows are a must for your fall decor. They are copyable, so set them out anywhere you'd like and watch them swoop and fly. They are available as the crows only, or along with Scarecrow Jack.

Scarecrows are also available separately as well.

Have a great weekend!

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Release Deux!

3 New Releases

This is a fun way to drive traffic to your land, and give back to the community as well. It has 5 stages of leaf raking until the leaves are bagged and it starts all over again. It is configurable including anti-afk checks for no sleeping on the job! You can set your own price, and the time the camper must spend working. And its copyable too so you can create a whole little leaf rakin' workforce if you want too :).

I put a couple of these out around my store if you want to check them out/demo or.. need a job xP.

This really cute old fashioned hay cart is loaded with 9 animations and poses to take great fall photos/or just hang out with on friends. All poses can be individually adjusted, and the cart will remember your positions-no poseballs.

This pack is loaded with a square haybale that contains 4 animations, a round haybale with 6 animations and 3 decorative pumpkins. Add some old time fall charm to your home/land! These objects are all copyable too.

More soon!

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall's Here!

Here at ANA_Mations fall is our favourite time of year. So you better believe we have lots of new releases planned for you in the next coming months.

One of the first fall inspired releases are these decorative and interactive leaf piles! Copy to place them all over your sims, mod to change their shapes up for variation. Line them along side paths and walkways. Also, a low natural sound will play and leaves will scatter when you walk through them! They are sold in individual colours and in a fatpack.

Next is the Scarecrow Buddy that was released late last night for Super Bargain Saturday. You can grab him for 60L up until 12SLT on Saturday, and then he'll return to his original price.

Since we've been slacking on posting the recent releases we've put out, I figured I would include them in this post for you all.

Both the backpacks and the lunchboxes come in a range of different colours and cute designs aswell as a TON of school/lunch necessities inside of them. They are completely menu driven and easy to use.

Whew, apologies for the long post. Until next time!

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pogo Sticks!

Pogo Sticks!

5 styles to choose from, 5 AO animations in each Pogo Stick that move you around, make you flip and do tricks, includes turns, walk and run hops as well. Unisex, and mod for best fit, transferable for gifting.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Didn't get enough bouncing last week? I have more for you =)


Backyard Trampoline- Contains 6 super high jumping animations!

Water Trampoline- Contains all 6 high jumping animations, plus 2 sunbathing animations for when you're tired of all all that jumping!

You can come demo both of these at the main store up in the big play yard here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Limited Edition Bouncy Balls!

Introducing Special Limited Edition Bouncy Balls from ANA_Mations!

Each ball has a 9 animation AO built into it, just wear and Bounce!!

There are 8 special edition versions from various designers on the grid. There are only 50 of each style to be sold ever and can be found at the stores of the designers.

Here are the designs, and the LM's to grab them before they are gone for good!


Anna Maya House

Art Dummy



Draconic Kiss



At this moment.. not all the special editions are available but will be by tonight- right now ANA, Anna Maya House, Catnip, Draconic Kiss, Scribble and Katat0niks are available. Boom, and Art Dummy will be at their stores later on today.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summerland Closing Sale + Patriotic Freebies!

2 years ago on the Fourth of July I first opened my island, this year, I will be closing it. Due to economics and time ( I'm in college and raising 3 kids) I have decided to go back to just a store instead of running an island. I hope you've all enjoyed both Jabberwocky and Summerland as much as I did.

Enough of that before I cry k?

Sales and New Stuff!

Sale- 50% off all beach items. This includes Beach Towels, All Inner Tubes, The Water Sprinkler O' Fun, Waterlogs, All Poolside animation sets, The Rubber Ducky, and The Lily Pad Group Float.

New Stuff!- Canada Day is tomorrow, and July 4th is just days away.. how about some fun stuff and freebies?!


And for the Canadians something better than a darn white t-shirt with a red leaf!


And what is celebrating an Independance Day and Canada Day without THESE???

Just to be clear.. I'm not closing my store.. and I'll have even more new stuff in the new spot soon!

Love always,

Monday, May 31, 2010

More Summer Releases at ANA_Mations!

Two new Summertime fun releases!

Rubber Ducky has 5 built in adjustable poses for 1-3 people.

The Lily Pad contains 9 animations for lounging in the sun or shade. It contains unisex poses for up to about 6 avatars at once.

Also, the subscribo members will be sent a cute mini rubber ducky for your shoulder in celebration for being at almost 1000 subscribers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Playground Releases!

This old style jungle gym has 12 poses in it for a great time monkeying around. Add it to your backyard for some fun, or onto an island park to encourage traffic!

I've played around on a lot of merry go rounds in SL.. this is the most fun ever. 10 animations to choose from including dragging along the ground. There is also a sculpted base for even landing on terrain, and a poseball with pushing animation. 5 different styles to choose from including tintable, strawberries, wooden, 45 adapter, and record.

This is SL.. don't stand around being so serious- have FUN!

I am not yet done building my playground stuff for the summer- so there's more to come!

Friday, April 30, 2010

ANA_Mations Playground Collection!

Its getting even warmer in Summerland.. time for more outdoor fun!

Swings, Swingsets, Tire Swings, and Monkey Bars!

Monkey Bars-

Hang around with your friends on this 9 animation old school monkey bar set. It will hold up to 6 people at once and includes flips, penny drops, and the infamous penny fail. Are you brave enough to attempt the death drop tho?


Each swing contains 5 fun animations and a smooth swing. They are menu driven with no poseballs, and the animations are adjustable for each person that sits on them.


The Wooden Swingset contains two wooden swings with 5 animations each, and a tire swing also with 5 animations.

The Old School Swingset contains two tintable plastic swings with 5 poses, and a two person chair swing with 5 poses also for each rider.

Here is a direct LM to test the items in Summerlands new playground!
Summerland - Playground

Also, here's the xstreet links to the new releases:
Old Wooden Swing Set
Old School Swing Set
Old School Monkey Bars

More from this collection coming soon, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More spring releases! Birds and lambs yay!

Spring always makes me think of a few things..

The Pretty Birds are one of them.
(shows the photo poses)

This photo is just to show you the detail on each bird. This little guy is the chickadee and there are 5 birds all together, including the robin, the canary, the bluebird and the summer tanager.

Each box contains 1 holdable bird, and 1 bird with a photography pose built in. If you click them, they will sing to you =) Touch them again and they will stop. The birds themselves are animated also and cock their heads as if talking to you. They are 250L each or 1k for the whole set, transferable for giving.. and very cute!

A few pre-released birds got these immediate comments:
"OMFG HOW CUTE!!!", "Omigosh Loooooookit himmmmm!", "I LOVE YOU FOREVER!", and "Your birds are =O!!!!"

So come grab one of your own =D

Also for April.. Aries The Lamb.

This little sculpted cutie comes in a box of three: 1 holdable, 1 with built in sitting photo pose, and 1 unscripted, purely decorative 'extra'. He too with announce a cute little bleat if you touch him and the holdable/poseable versions move a little in your arms. Cute cute cute!

Both the above releases are currently located in the General Store shop here:
ANA_Mation's General Store