Friday, April 30, 2010

ANA_Mations Playground Collection!

Its getting even warmer in Summerland.. time for more outdoor fun!

Swings, Swingsets, Tire Swings, and Monkey Bars!

Monkey Bars-

Hang around with your friends on this 9 animation old school monkey bar set. It will hold up to 6 people at once and includes flips, penny drops, and the infamous penny fail. Are you brave enough to attempt the death drop tho?


Each swing contains 5 fun animations and a smooth swing. They are menu driven with no poseballs, and the animations are adjustable for each person that sits on them.


The Wooden Swingset contains two wooden swings with 5 animations each, and a tire swing also with 5 animations.

The Old School Swingset contains two tintable plastic swings with 5 poses, and a two person chair swing with 5 poses also for each rider.

Here is a direct LM to test the items in Summerlands new playground!
Summerland - Playground

Also, here's the xstreet links to the new releases:
Old Wooden Swing Set
Old School Swing Set
Old School Monkey Bars

More from this collection coming soon, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More spring releases! Birds and lambs yay!

Spring always makes me think of a few things..

The Pretty Birds are one of them.
(shows the photo poses)

This photo is just to show you the detail on each bird. This little guy is the chickadee and there are 5 birds all together, including the robin, the canary, the bluebird and the summer tanager.

Each box contains 1 holdable bird, and 1 bird with a photography pose built in. If you click them, they will sing to you =) Touch them again and they will stop. The birds themselves are animated also and cock their heads as if talking to you. They are 250L each or 1k for the whole set, transferable for giving.. and very cute!

A few pre-released birds got these immediate comments:
"OMFG HOW CUTE!!!", "Omigosh Loooooookit himmmmm!", "I LOVE YOU FOREVER!", and "Your birds are =O!!!!"

So come grab one of your own =D

Also for April.. Aries The Lamb.

This little sculpted cutie comes in a box of three: 1 holdable, 1 with built in sitting photo pose, and 1 unscripted, purely decorative 'extra'. He too with announce a cute little bleat if you touch him and the holdable/poseable versions move a little in your arms. Cute cute cute!

Both the above releases are currently located in the General Store shop here:
ANA_Mation's General Store