Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moved... Sale Continued..

Well.. to fill you all in.. The main reason I moved my store was because the sim owner that maintained my main store location, decided to sell his sim... with about 3 days notice (-_-) ...

So.. thinking I had a bit more time I put my sale up.. but today.. my old main store is gone. However, I thought this was a bit unfair to my weekend customers, so I'm going to continue the sale at the Jabberwocky location until Monday.

AND... I'm also putting my specialty AO's up 50% off also.. this includes:

Fairy AO, KungFu AO, Drama Queen AO, TeddyBear AO, Music Box Dancer AO as well as the Photographers Chaise, Stools, Dance and Asian Inspired Pose packs and the Big Girls Pose packs. Single poses aren't on sale- just the full sets.

<3 Surrealia

LM to the sale -->

On another note.. You should really all come down and check out what Jessica Ornitz has done to the East Side Dollhouse room on Jabberwocky where Silent Sparrow and Draconic Kiss' stores are located.. completely beautiful. Such a talented builder!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving Sale!

I've had my main store at Sterling Heights for a year now.. almost a year exactly in fact. But.. times are changing. So I'm moving my main store to Jabberwocky. But not without a sale first!!

I have put all my photography sets and poses 50% off at the Sterling Store only. This includes:

The Photographers Chaise, the Photography Stools, Asian Inspired Pose Collection, and the Dance Inspired Pose Collection.

Please come down and update your landmarks to the Jabberwocky Store.. and take advantage of the HUGE savings!