Monday, December 17, 2007


Maybe its just me, but I thought there are just wayyy too many child av's in SL wearing adult-type AO's and it just... well... ewww. SO, I built the child av's a new AO system *Merry Christmas*. This is a full AO package (despite the pic above that only shows the stands), and its fully animated because as we all know, children, do not stand still. 5 stands.. 2 sits, walk, run, jump/fly/flyup/flydown/hover/crouch/crouch walk.. all of it. Some of the anims will work for regular adult av's if you are feeling young at heart_ like the walking on hands crouchwalk, the sits and some of the stands.. but, the anims were optimized for very small avatars so I recommend adults buy single anims instead and put them in your existing AO's.

In the AO are also 2 kiddie gestures, and a kiddie dance for extra fun ^_^

I have to say tho, that of all the ao's and poses etc I've built, this has been the most fun to create, and I've laughed a whole lot watching it in action lol. Enjoy :)

<3 Surr

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Oh come on.. this is SL, you KNOW you're already Korruptd ;)

KorruptdAO for girls includes: 5 new stands, a new walk, run, animated object and ground sits. Its Zhao 2, and mod/copy so you can add more to your existing AO.

<3 Surrealia

Monday, November 12, 2007

Love Stoned

*What Surrealia does when she thinks no one is watching*

This video was really just a film test for me, not a commercial etc.. I didn't even use my own animations (sorry, I am just not skilled enough to make good dancing anims yet :P ), but I figured with the other 100's of SL dance videos out there I'd just go ahead and add to that collection in my own way and alleviate my current boredom as well. :)

Contains content from: TRAP, Curious Kitties, Seven's Selections, Gisaci, Corduroy, DarkStar Designs, and Sine Wav (yes, I am an eclectic neko! )

<3 Surr

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photography Stools!

Whether you just want to shoot some classic head shots or a cabaret themed photoshoot, you can start with these photo stools. Tall and short versions packed with 24+ original poses each.

3 texture options: wood, metal, and an alpha channel option so you can even pretend your not sitting on a stool but a bed, or wall edge for example instead.

14 color changing options.. but.. its more like having 28 options because the wood vs metal texturing looks differently with each color. Raise or lower your avatar on spot so no more excuses for sinking/hovering on the seat, save positions according to your avatar or your model. Menu driven and owner access options allow who can use the stools.

Come Test them in my main store here:

<3 Surrealia

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

KyootAO, Kyoot-er clothing

I released my KyootAO several weeks ago but didn't blog it because I was mid-move across country at the time. Ever since, I have been bombarded on a daily basis about the clothing I wore in my photoshoot. So many women have said "I have the KyootAO, now I need that Kyoot outfit!!" lol. SO... I thought I'd list all the items I wore in that photoshoot. I had spent an entire day shopping around SL for something to match Corduroy's so so SO cute leggings and that was the outfit I'd put together.

SO... from top to bottom:

Hair: *BP* micky dango hair

Dress: LilolOops Tulip Dress in dark blue (I have every color of this dress, I love it)

Leggings: Corduroy Earthy Striped Leggings (official Corduroy Leggings Addict right here)

Arm and Leg Straps, and Legwarmers: Atomic Kitty ( I couldn't find a blog link for her, but the store can be found at here:

Shoes: ^Nein!^ Stompz XB (these are boots but I only have the shoe parts on) I couldn't find a blog link for her either, but her store is right beside my main store here:

and there you have it, now go be Kyoot!!

<3 Surrealia

Monday, October 15, 2007

Go!Go!Big Girl! What U Gon Do?

I know! You're going to get that voluptuous avie of yours down to my store and pick up some new AO poses for your bad self! After a request from Brandy Rasmuson who couldn't find enough AO poses to fit her avie, I decided to take 33 of my best selling AO stands and adjust them for the big girl av's of SL. Now, lets be real, not every single big girl avie in SL is going to fit every single one of these poses, however, it should be quite a bit easier than poses made for your typical supermodel figured type avies.

So, for those of you ladies who like to keep your SL selves a bit more true to your RL selves, kudos to you!! And an extra special thank you to Miss DivaRockin herself for modeling for me!

<3 Surrealia

Friday, August 31, 2007

SuperModel AO!

Oh Zhao 2 how I love thee!! Or should I say, Oh Zhao 2 how ALL MODELS should love thee! I created a SuperModel AO system for all the SL Fashion Models and Bloggers today. 10 stands, 2 sits. The best part about this AO, is that its not only full of great poses, at an even better price, but that if you are actually working as a model, you'll save yourself the trouble of typical AO styled photography problems such as: 1) Missing the pose you needed to capture and 2) Waiting for the AO to cycle thru the poses one at a time. In this AO system, you can go to the next pose with a click from the drop down menu, or simply freeze your pose in place so you/photographer doesn't have any waiting to do. Its easily the most simple way to strut your stuff on the SL catwalks, or just thru the virtual lands itself. Enjoy!

Also, on a side note. Since I had so many people sign up to my update group during my last release ONLY to get my chaise half off and then leave, I decided to give this AO out to EVERY remaining member in my group for free. I sent them out one by one to each member also, so no signing up to just grab the item from the group notice attachment and run off. Loyalty is a wonderful thing, or so my true update members have said :)


Friday, August 24, 2007

50% Off Sale

Spurt of the moment, no turning back now, wild hair sort of decisions are usually bad decisions... unless... its a 50% off sale! I put all of my AO systems, and Pose Sets up 50% off for two days at my LAME Mall store ONLY. Sale ends at 10am SLT Sunday :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Color Changing Photographers Chaise

I have always wanted a beautiful old romantic style chaise for photography. Both in real world and in the virtual world, and finally .. FINALLY I have it! Well, in one world anyhow XD. I begged the hell out of two friends to help me accomplish this goal, Nectere Niven who is a great builder, and Lainy Voom who altho is still learning is sooo incredibly talented with lighting and textures. In the end we have created one incredibly gorgeous photographers chaise. Its menu driven, with 38 custom poses made especially for this chaise, adjustable avatar positioning, pose memorization, and 10 different colors to choose from. Its truely beautiful, not just functional.

And to my Update members, just 'cause I <3 you the most, Thursday ( Aug 23), I will be giving you a Sooper Sekkit landmark to an undisclosed location where you will be able to get this for half price for ONE DAY ONLY.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I decided to make a commercial for my latest set of animations. Its part one of my ::Asian Inspired Collection::

Check it out! (This is also my first SL movie too so, its double the fun for me!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The ::Dance Inspired:: Collection

After I made my Music Box Dancer AO, I just couldn't stop creating those poses. Dancers have such beautiful and graceful movements its just mesmerizing. So, I created a 30 pose set of ballet and rhythmic gymnast styled poses for photography, art, and modeling purposes. Feel free to take a better look at each individual pose by clicking the "View All Images" tab. Enjoy!


Typical first post introduction coming up! Hi, I'm Surrealia. In all of SL there is only 2 Surrealia's, and they are both me *waves* I don't have separate accounts for anonymous reasons, just typical ones like when I started up my business I had too much crazy inventory on my first account so I switched to the other to keep things clean. Go ahead and giggle cause you you know that's not working so great either lol.

Anywhooo, I'm an SL animator, machinimist for the Sims 2, digital photographer, artist, typical Sagittarius and mother. I'm friendly, honest, I hate drama but like many I'm just as guilty of getting trapped in its webs. My avatar is unique, because I refuse to stand in a line with 100 other female avatars and look like the rest of them.

My goals with ANA_Mations is very simple really. It started because I was sick and tired of every female av jutting their hips and boobs, yawning and stretching, and generally looking bimbo-ish and just plain dumb. Tramp AO.. thats what I call it. A huge achievement in SL's beginnings, but, time to give the ladies in SL more variety. Something that better reflects their true personalities. I also like playtime AO's .. we all like to dress up differently from time to time and just have fun. That was the reasoning behind my Broken Doll, and Music Box Dancer AO. They aren't to be worn 24/7 everyday of your life in SL, (altho you most certainly can, I wouldn't stop you), but as a fun time AO.

I also have another motive for my work in ANA_Mations. Film. Both cinematic and photographic. I love artistic photography, and I've seen many great photo pieces from others in SL, and I want to help keep that moving along with hundreds of beautiful poses to choose from. The sky is not even a limit in SL, so the more choices one has to choose from, the more freedom the creative mind has as well. Eventually, the poses I have, will become long strings of fluid animations. They will be specifically slower and smooth for machinima directors to bring to life in their movies.

'Nuff said.