Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drama Queen AO

Because I obviously overlooked the fact that some people might not only want but NEED this xDDD

Oh.. and its FREE til Monday!!! So come get it!

<3 Surr

/on drama

Some people will try anything to rip you off and then give you a bad name all at once. I love my customers, I try hard to keep them happy. So, this, just seems so uncalled for.

[15:16] Vyxxen Vale: Hello, I was buying animations in your store and it took my money and got no animations, the system delivered a message stating"we are unable to transfer the process is stale"
[15:17] Vyxxen Vale: I think you will see I have paid you 600 lindens and have received no animations
[15:20] Surrealia Anatine: ok well.. i only see 300.. and then i tried to refresh and the linden transaction page died and said its down for maintence :\ so i cant honestly do anything until it shows up. But if you want to tell me which animations you didn't get, i'll put in on a notecard and send them to you as soon as it shows up
[15:21] Vyxxen Vale: I bought 600....
[15:21] Vyxxen Vale: My money is gone
[15:21] Vyxxen Vale: no animations
[15:21] Surrealia Anatine: did you read what i wrote?
[15:22] Vyxxen Vale: Oh I read it and it sounds like a push off , check will be in the mail
[15:22] Vyxxen Vale: I bought and did nto receive
[15:22] Vyxxen Vale: ANA-BabyDoll4_chest
[15:22] Vyxxen Vale: ANA_BabyDoll1_HIP
[15:23] Vyxxen Vale: ANA_BabyDoll5_belly
[15:23] Vyxxen Vale: ANA_BabyDoll2_hip
[15:23] Vyxxen Vale: ANA_BabyDoll5_chest
[15:24] Vyxxen Vale: And that is all and still nothing in my invetory
[15:24] Surrealia Anatine: alright, well, despite your rudeness, i'll make a notecard and as soon as the linden transactions show up, i'll send them to you
[15:24] Surrealia Anatine: there is obviously something wrong with transactions in some areas, thats not my stores fault
[15:25] Vyxxen Vale: My rudeness, I run two sims, and have to refund or give customers their items to keep them coming back, i trust their word as they stand in my stores
[15:25] Vyxxen Vale: You tell me you will send them later
[15:25] Vyxxen Vale laughs
[15:26] Surrealia Anatine: then you should know all about how people need there transaction numbers. If you can see them, i'd be happy to send them to you. I can't for whatever reason with the Lindens. Its not that I dont want too.. its that I can't see the transactions.
[15:27] Vyxxen Vale: I do not look for transactions, I want happy customers, and I want them to return and buy more I do not make them wait when they spent their money
[15:27] Surrealia Anatine: well, i like happy customers too, and usually when linden labs go down they are much more understanding
[15:29] Vyxxen Vale: Usually a dealer when messaged as the person stands in their store on their animations block still waiting for something they bought, does nto hesitate to make sure they come back, but instead you act like i am some liar over a few animations and not give me the product i PAID for this is nto ebay with a three week shipping period
[15:31] Surrealia Anatine: and usually the transaction list doesn't go down so i never have to ask anyone to wait either. I'll be happy to send them as soon as its fixed.
[15:31] Vyxxen Vale: It is alright I will get on all of my characters and announce to my thousands of friends that you are a thief and will not give me 5 lousy animations because your a untrusting soul who thinks i am standing in your store for no reason at all
[15:32] Vyxxen Vale: Also I am a SL mentor i will be sure to tell those on helpers island not to frequent here
[15:32] Vyxxen Vale: I cannot believe the issues you have with giving a customer their product
[15:33] Vyxxen Vale: anyway you said you seen 300
[15:33] Surrealia Anatine: i think you're going unnecessarily overboard and being dramatic about this. You'll get your product, as soon as i can see that it was actually bought. I have lots of very happy customers who've had problems and they've always been very kind about transactions messing up
[15:33] Vyxxen Vale: Well then give me my three hundred so I can go elsewhere to a more developed dealer
[15:33] Vyxxen Vale: I do not like being called a thief
[15:34] Surrealia Anatine: no where did i call you a theif. not once. i only said i couldnt send anything until the transaction history shows back up.
[15:34] Vyxxen Vale: You are calling me a thief by not believeing me as a consumer standing in your store lady
[15:35] Vyxxen Vale: As you sit and assuredly hold my lindens
[15:35] Vyxxen Vale: Now A Refund , or better yet my product would be what I would deliver if I had a customer obviously upset by the way you are trying as a product dealer handling things
[15:37] Surrealia Anatine: the transaction list is back up, i still can only see 2 purchases. Maybe your list can show something different?
[15:37] Vyxxen Vale: Please give me my money
[15:38] Surrealia Anatine: you said the product is what you'd give? if you are a business owner, i dont see why you find it so difficult to just show me your transaction history and i'd send what youre missing right to you now?
[15:38] Vyxxen Vale: Listen I am done in your store and do not want your product whatever it is you see refund it
[15:38] Vyxxen Vale: I am done with dealing with you
[15:39] Surrealia Anatine: when the transaction list is fixed.. i will send you either the product immediately.
[15:40] Vyxxen Vale: There are other places to buy animations who willIt is fixed
[15:40] Vyxxen Vale: Send me my dam money
[15:40] Vyxxen Vale: I am reporting this
[15:40] Vyxxen Vale: [15:37] Surrealia Anatine: the transaction list is back up, i still can only see 2 purchases. Maybe your list can show something different?
[15:41] Surrealia Anatine: go ahead and report it, i haven't done anything wrong?
[15:41] Vyxxen Vale: You are that poor that you need my 600 lindens?
[15:41] Surrealia Anatine: well.. i certainly dont need your threats and harrassment.. and i'm sure that if youre a 'mentor' the lindens wont appreciate your attitude either
[15:41] Vyxxen Vale: Im sure they wont but at this point it does not matter as you are a thief
[15:42] Vyxxen Vale: Now whatever it is you have seen on your list please send me it
[15:42] Vyxxen Vale: No more of your untrusting mind needed
[15:42] Surrealia Anatine: what i see on my list, is that you bought 2 animations for 300.
[15:43] Vyxxen Vale: amen then send me 300 and i will be gone from this place
[15:43] Surrealia Anatine: alright then.

Did I send her the 300.. yes.. did anything beyond that ever show up in my transaction history, no... would she show me hers? .. no.. did she harass my customers?.. yes!

So, just in case someone wants to get ugly, let me just clear this nonsense up publicaly now. I would never treat my customers poorly or not send them their items, and also.. ugh wtf, why be like that? I guess I'm still just a noobie store owner and thought everyone is SL just wants to be honest. Shame on me.

/end drama

On a happy note.. I have sooooo much new stuff on its way for you all, I promise, its BIG so it takes awhile to make! xD

<3 Surr