Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mood Muffs!

Holidays got you down? Ticked off after standing in line all day waiting for the world to rez around you so you could buy that ONE awesome pair of shoes? Or maybe you're overflowing with the joys of saying goodbye to 2009? Possibly.. you're just that person sitting around laughing at everyone elses holiday emotions? Hmm?

Stop making others guess about you! Get mood muffs!This matching set is sculpted, resizable and colorable, animated, and the ear muffs have 11 different emote faces to choose from so everyone knows how you -really- feel.

Also.. just for some added fun this holiday.. 50L Santa Cat Hats!Come grab one!

Also, some important info. Things are changing on the Jabberwocky sim.. and it will be gone with the end of this year also. Its time for changes.. BIG changes. I am rebuilding/revamping everything about my current store. All that you know of it today.. will not be the same on January 1st, 2010.
I hope that you will continue to stick around, as there are going to be lots and lots of new things coming this year. So grab your cameras and come explore the island again before it all disappears like the dream it was based on.

Happy Holidays, Surrealia

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift boxes and more!

New Holiday Stuff!

1st up -Balloooons..

Printed Holiday Balloons to hang around with your friends with. They come in 3 flavors with 3 different animations in each.

Christmas Light Balloons.. dangle from wires instead of strings on these colorful colorchange balloons. 4 different animations to chose from!


Holiday Cane!
One crook necked cane with festive bow made to work with the Cane AO. It is resizable, contains 5 different textures for the cane and a color change bow!

Also.. Gift Boxes have begun at the main store.
Transferable giftboxes filled with great gifts to give your friends something nice this year. Here are the boxes and prices out currently..

CaneAO + Holiday Cane= 1000L save 200L

The DollAO + Puppet Rig= 1500 save 800L!

Huggables Pack (TeddyBearAO + 3 holdables) = 500L save 250L

Furry Friends GiftPack (Blizzard/Nappy/Snuggleh and Cuddleh Floor Buddies)= 600L save 300L

Ultimate Diva GiftPack! (SuperModel/SuperStar/DramaQueen AO's) = 1500L save 750L!

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Wooo I <3 Holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blizzard The Bear

More new releases!

While many of you are bundling up for your virtual winter with big steamy cups of hot cocoa, leg warmers, ear muffs and woolly scarves.. here is one more thing to keep you warmed up!

Despite his name, he's all snuggly and warm in 4 cuddly sizes. One of which, is even a free gift to group members!

Huggable (unlike other holdable toys in SL, Blizzard holds you back!)

Group Poseable (4 animations for you and friends)

Floor Buddy (3 cuddly animations for 1 person)

And a free adorable little shoulder pal just for being apart of the group!

All the Blizzard bears are transferable for gifting this holiday.. spread some love!

<3 Surrealia

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Elves Have Arrived!

Christmas Elves have arrived at ANA_Mations!

These 3 adorable little helpers are here to spice up your snow covered virtual lawns, landscapes and store fronts! They are transferable for gift giving also. Elf #3 even comes in two versions- Statue, and Gift (Inventory) Giver for stores.

Take a peek.. so cute!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Santa Claws!

This weeks new releases.. and Group Gift!

Santa Claws! He is available in 4 versions-

1) A super sized jolly fellow for you to play on! (photo above) He has 6 built in animations that allow you to pet his whiskers, swing on his tail, and much more. This is a great decoration for homes, or businesses. He is fully sculpted, and menu operated with pose adjustability and no pose balls. He's tons of fun and super cute- something new for the holidays.

2)The second version, (above) is much smaller and contains 2 poses for people to 'take their photo with Santa Claws!". Again, he is a lovely addition to both homes and businesses.

3)Huggable! (above) The 3rd version is a holdable mini version of the big guy with arm hold script built in. Take him with you everywhere you go!

4) Group gift! A free mantle sized (above) Santa Claws to adorn your fireplaces this holiday. This goes out to group members only- thank you so much for support! <3

All version are Transferable aka Giftable for the Holiday season. Spread the cheer!

Stay tuned for more this Holiday Season from ANA_Mations!

<3 Surrealia

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Releases Including Roller Skates!

Hullos all! =D

I have some new things for you this week!

First up.. Roller Skates! Yessss Roller Skates! There is two types, knee high rollers, and low top rollers. There are 6 different styles of HiTops, and 4 styles of LoTops. Sculpted, Resizable and the Tintable (pictured)version is you guessed it.. Recolorable!

They are also animated.. skate walk/run/crouch/crouch walk and turns.. made to work with your existing AO stands and including a special animation to load into your ZHAO II walks list so that you wont be walking on your roller skates..

There is a special version of the HighTop Skates called Starlight with stars and music notes but it is only available as a single purchase at the Shoe Fair. 100% of the sale from this pair of skates will go to the Toys for Tots foundation.

Next release!

Urban Action Poses. This set of 8 poses was especially made to work with the skates, but, they are poses and would certainly work without them also.

Next release!

BFF Poses. This is a new line I am putting out just for friends, so expect more from this series as time goes on. There are 3 poses up to start with, "Sincerity", "Loyalty", and "Trust".

I hope you are all safe and well, and happily getting ready for the upcoming holiday season!

ANA_Mations Mainstore

Friday, October 9, 2009

Balloons O' DEATH and other fun stuffs!

Balloons O' Death
6 Halloween designed balloons that double as a noose! Each balloon has a different hanging animations.. from your foot, your neck, your wrists and more. Available in singles or a fatpack.

Crime Scene Chalk
A set of 5 crime scene chalk outlines with corresponding poses. Great for haunted houses or just as decorations. xD

Rope Noose and Jump Rope Noose
Yea.. we went alittle noose crazy.. totally not morbid, right? Both the rope and jump rope noose have a self-hanging animation so you can float around and freak your friends out. :D

Annnddd our lucky chair prize for this week is a Happy Halloween Balloon O' Death! Remember guys its just for this week so make sure to grab it while you can!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ballet Pose Overload!

Three, yes, three collections of couples ballet poses for all you photography enthusiasts!

Classic Ballet Poses

More Ballet stuffs released!

Lovers Ballet Poses

Blue Jean Ballet Poses

They come in singles or fatpacks, and are also available as all three collections combined into one. 22 poses in all! This super duper collection is sold as a poseball collection or as a photography cube for saving positions and easy adjusting.


Ballet AO!

New AO at ANA_Mations!

For those of you wanting to be ballerina's for halloween, this ones for you! This AO has 5 very lengthy and animated stands that rotate between plie's, fouette's, pirouette's, the 5 positions, and tendu. It also includes both object and ground sits, fly, land, turns and a super cute ballerina walk. It makes you want to throw on a tutu and pirouette your butt all over the place.. trust me.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Halloween relases! \o/

The beginning of -alot- of Halloweenish releases!

Ever wanted to have your very own puppet? One that you can make dance, and blow kisses to you anytime you want? Mmmhm, sounds fun right? Right? Now up for sale at ANA_Mations is a fully animated puppet rig! Two versions are available, with a stage or without. The stage is very customizable, with texture changing walls/curtains. Great for photography or for just torturing your friends! xD

Also, new in the lucky chair this week is the music box AO and Ariez AO. Remember its only in there till next Friday!

ANA_Mations Mainstore

We have a new location at Scribble! Come check out the ANA_Mation's paper castle, you can find all the new releases there. Its also ideal if you want to avoid the lucky chair crowd ;).

ANA_mations @ Scribble

Until next time!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 New Items in the Lucky Chair!

Newness in the lucky chair!

This week we have the Haunted Ballerina AO (to get everyone ready for Halloween xP) and #1 of the All About Us couples pose collection. Be sure to check out the pics and follow the landmark down to the mainstore. Remember, these two items will only be in the lucky chair until Friday, we apologize for the delay on switching them over. :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lucky Chair @ ANA_Mations!

We now have a lucky chair down at the mainstore PACKED with loads of goodies such as the nappy bear rug, the chubbeh bunneh, snuggleh bunneh, and cuddleh bunneh, and the drama queen AO! Every Friday new items will replace the old ones including a new AO, so come down and try your luck! xD

(The chair is right next to the TP tree in the center of the store. And *ahem* don't mind the chainsaw behind the chair.. Off with your head! Er...I mean...Good luck!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More New Releases + Freebie Until Monday!

Some more new releases coming your way!

Fangirl Pack
Ever wanted to show your love for your favourite SL musician, singer, designer ect? Now you can squeal your pixel guts out with this all-in-one fangirl pack! It includes 3 AO ready waving, pointing, and fainting animations, as well as a texture changing poster sign to show all your fangirlish love with sayings such as, "Will you have my babies?" and "Marry me?!"

Concert Pack
Similar to the fangirl pack it includes 3 AO ready animations such as swaying, and jumping in uber excitement. It also comes with an animated lighter and a bra to swing above your head! A giveable rose and panties are in this pack aswell, because nothing says "I'm your biggest fan!" like giving someone your week-old worn in panties... right?

Until Monday Sept. 14th the #1 fan pack (which includes everything shown in both the Fangirl Pack and Concert pack) will be free! *gasp!* *squeal!* *tramples!* You know you want to.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 New Releases from ANA_Mations!

Just in time for fashion week here in SL, we have the obnoxious but sneaky Paparazzi Camera, the dramatic yet camera-shy Superstar AO and the not-so-stealthy free Stalker kit!

The Paparazzi Camera has 3 built in stands that let you run, squat and shift around your model or SL celebrity to get the perfect shot from all angles! The Camera is mod and copy to you can fit it to your avatar properly. It also has constant shutter sounds to give that true annoying paparazzi feel!

The Superstar AO has 12 static poses in all, switching between camera shy and dramatic stands. They rotate quickly between each pose letting the superstar give the paparazzi every angle of themselves possible.

Both the Paparazzi Camera and the Superstar AO are made to work together or seperately.

And lastly, the free stalker kit! No SL celebrity is complete without their own personal stalker! And now you too can be one! The stalker kit a newspaper with 3 built in animations that lets you hide behind it and peak around to view your celebrity. Also, it includes a stalker tree, so you can stay incognito while getting up in your victim's space. You'll NEVER be suspected!

Also, we have a demonstration going on right now with our models Bethany Heart and Aradia Dielli workin' it for your entertainment!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Contest Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the "Want Your Face here?" Contest is ending Wednesday. If anyone would still like to enter, the rules are:

*A folder labeled "Your name" - ANA_Mations AO Contest
*1 Headshot
*2 Full body shots - 1 wearing jeans and a tank top
- 1 wearing a suit and tie
*A notecard with your name, timezone, and the best time to contact you.

Please send the folder to Faith Rosenberg before Wednesday July 1st, 2009.

There will be 4 winners in total. Each will receive an Infinity AO, L$2000, and your face on 2 posters which will be placed in the ANA_Mations mainstore on Jabberwocky and our satellite stores around the grid.

The winners will be announced Thursday July 2nd, 2009.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Contest Deadline Extended

Due to unforeseen RL issues we're going to be pushing back the "Want Your Face Here?" Contest deadline to Wednesday July 1st. The Winners will then be announced Thursday July 2nd. Our apologies for the delay and any inconvenience.

The rules again are as follows:

*A folder labeled "Your name" - ANA_Mations AO Contest
*1 Headshot
*2 Full body shots - 1 wearing jeans and a tank top
- 1 wearing a suit and tie
*A notecard with your name, timezone, and the best time to contact you.

Please send the folder to Faith Rosenberg before Wednesday July 1st, 2009.

There will be 4 winners in total. Each will receive an Infinity AO, L$2000, and your face on 2 posters which will be placed in the ANA_Mations mainstore on Jabberwocky and our satellite stores around the grid.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brand Newness!

Brand spankin' new male AOs!

The Leo AO, and the refurbished ArieX, Skorpio, and GeminII AOs with all new stands, sits AND walks. There is also a 3 in 1 Trinity AO pack (containing Ariex, Skorpio and GeminII) and a 4 in 1 Infinity AO pack (which contains the three mentioned above plus the new Leo AO aswell).

*Please Note that the old Aries, Scorpio, Gemini AOs have been discounted to 200L each and 25L per stand. And the old Trinity AO is marked down to 500L. They can be found across from the new male AOs*

Also...drum roll please...

ANA_Mations first contest eva!

That's right, we need you guys! Yes, you *waves a menacing finger* to model for these new AO posters.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to send:

*A folder labeled "Your name" - ANA_Mations AO Contest
*1 Headshot
*2 Full body shots - 1 wearing jeans and a tank top
- 1 wearing a suit and tie
*A notecard with your name, timezone, and the best time to contact you.

Please send the folder to Faith Rosenberg BEFORE Friday June 26,2009.
The winners will be announced on Saturday June 27, 2009.

There will be 4 winners in total. Each will receive an Infinity AO, L$2000, and your face on 2 posters which will be placed in the ANA_Mations mainstore on Jabberwocky and our satellite stores around the grid.

To add to all the excitement, there are also 14 new walks and runs for both males and females (some are even unisex).

Hope you guys are having a great week, we'll be back soon with more new releases soon!