Friday, July 23, 2010

Pogo Sticks!

Pogo Sticks!

5 styles to choose from, 5 AO animations in each Pogo Stick that move you around, make you flip and do tricks, includes turns, walk and run hops as well. Unisex, and mod for best fit, transferable for gifting.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Didn't get enough bouncing last week? I have more for you =)


Backyard Trampoline- Contains 6 super high jumping animations!

Water Trampoline- Contains all 6 high jumping animations, plus 2 sunbathing animations for when you're tired of all all that jumping!

You can come demo both of these at the main store up in the big play yard here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Limited Edition Bouncy Balls!

Introducing Special Limited Edition Bouncy Balls from ANA_Mations!

Each ball has a 9 animation AO built into it, just wear and Bounce!!

There are 8 special edition versions from various designers on the grid. There are only 50 of each style to be sold ever and can be found at the stores of the designers.

Here are the designs, and the LM's to grab them before they are gone for good!


Anna Maya House

Art Dummy



Draconic Kiss



At this moment.. not all the special editions are available but will be by tonight- right now ANA, Anna Maya House, Catnip, Draconic Kiss, Scribble and Katat0niks are available. Boom, and Art Dummy will be at their stores later on today.