Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photography Stools!

Whether you just want to shoot some classic head shots or a cabaret themed photoshoot, you can start with these photo stools. Tall and short versions packed with 24+ original poses each.

3 texture options: wood, metal, and an alpha channel option so you can even pretend your not sitting on a stool but a bed, or wall edge for example instead.

14 color changing options.. but.. its more like having 28 options because the wood vs metal texturing looks differently with each color. Raise or lower your avatar on spot so no more excuses for sinking/hovering on the seat, save positions according to your avatar or your model. Menu driven and owner access options allow who can use the stools.

Come Test them in my main store here:

<3 Surrealia

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

KyootAO, Kyoot-er clothing

I released my KyootAO several weeks ago but didn't blog it because I was mid-move across country at the time. Ever since, I have been bombarded on a daily basis about the clothing I wore in my photoshoot. So many women have said "I have the KyootAO, now I need that Kyoot outfit!!" lol. SO... I thought I'd list all the items I wore in that photoshoot. I had spent an entire day shopping around SL for something to match Corduroy's so so SO cute leggings and that was the outfit I'd put together.

SO... from top to bottom:

Hair: *BP* micky dango hair

Dress: LilolOops Tulip Dress in dark blue (I have every color of this dress, I love it)

Leggings: Corduroy Earthy Striped Leggings (official Corduroy Leggings Addict right here)

Arm and Leg Straps, and Legwarmers: Atomic Kitty ( I couldn't find a blog link for her, but the store can be found at here:

Shoes: ^Nein!^ Stompz XB (these are boots but I only have the shoe parts on) I couldn't find a blog link for her either, but her store is right beside my main store here:

and there you have it, now go be Kyoot!!

<3 Surrealia

Monday, October 15, 2007

Go!Go!Big Girl! What U Gon Do?

I know! You're going to get that voluptuous avie of yours down to my store and pick up some new AO poses for your bad self! After a request from Brandy Rasmuson who couldn't find enough AO poses to fit her avie, I decided to take 33 of my best selling AO stands and adjust them for the big girl av's of SL. Now, lets be real, not every single big girl avie in SL is going to fit every single one of these poses, however, it should be quite a bit easier than poses made for your typical supermodel figured type avies.

So, for those of you ladies who like to keep your SL selves a bit more true to your RL selves, kudos to you!! And an extra special thank you to Miss DivaRockin herself for modeling for me!

<3 Surrealia