Saturday, April 11, 2009

Parasol AO

All new. This AO is fully featured, including 6 animated stands, object and ground sits, as well as a full fly set (up,down,forward,hover,jump,land)and overlay animations for walking,running,turning,crouch walking etc.Its springtime fun for the ladies, copyable and modifyable. The AO also comes with a basic gray parasol created by my lovely partner Faith Rosenberg. There are also 10 other fun springtime designs to choose from too. (Come see one on demo- they are lovely! And they are Faith's first real release so give her a hand plzkthx.) The parasols themselves are copy only, but resizable and built to be proportionate to your avatar body-meaning.. scale it up or down to your avatars size, and it wont look awkward.

ALSO.. Katat0nik jumped on board with us to give you the cutest little color scripted rain boots ever! She even designed them to match all the parasol colors!

You can see the whole Parasol set at my main store in Jabberwocky, or Katat0niks main store on Axis Mundi.

Rain or shine, parasols are the perfect addition to your springtime fun =D