Friday, October 9, 2009

Balloons O' DEATH and other fun stuffs!

Balloons O' Death
6 Halloween designed balloons that double as a noose! Each balloon has a different hanging animations.. from your foot, your neck, your wrists and more. Available in singles or a fatpack.

Crime Scene Chalk
A set of 5 crime scene chalk outlines with corresponding poses. Great for haunted houses or just as decorations. xD

Rope Noose and Jump Rope Noose
Yea.. we went alittle noose crazy.. totally not morbid, right? Both the rope and jump rope noose have a self-hanging animation so you can float around and freak your friends out. :D

Annnddd our lucky chair prize for this week is a Happy Halloween Balloon O' Death! Remember guys its just for this week so make sure to grab it while you can!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ballet Pose Overload!

Three, yes, three collections of couples ballet poses for all you photography enthusiasts!

Classic Ballet Poses

More Ballet stuffs released!

Lovers Ballet Poses

Blue Jean Ballet Poses

They come in singles or fatpacks, and are also available as all three collections combined into one. 22 poses in all! This super duper collection is sold as a poseball collection or as a photography cube for saving positions and easy adjusting.


Ballet AO!

New AO at ANA_Mations!

For those of you wanting to be ballerina's for halloween, this ones for you! This AO has 5 very lengthy and animated stands that rotate between plie's, fouette's, pirouette's, the 5 positions, and tendu. It also includes both object and ground sits, fly, land, turns and a super cute ballerina walk. It makes you want to throw on a tutu and pirouette your butt all over the place.. trust me.