Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Newness and Pose fair info!

Finally.. A New AO! ( in AO store )

Brand Spanking New ANA_Mations Photographers Chaise V2.0! (in photography store)

This is the base animation engine and chaise. It has 18 poses ( 9 female, 9 male ) and I'll be creating animation sets to drop in and add to the collection. There will be couples, friends, and fun pose packs for this chaise-compared to the originial which wasn't expandable. It is fully mod with color and texture changing options and I'll be building texture packs to help you further design this chaise any way you could imagine for your photography needs.

Pose Fair Charity Contribution:

ANA_Mations is proud to be a part of the 1st EVER Second Life Pose Fair! It will run from the 2nd-16th of April, and I hope to see you all come out and support Motivation - a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. A mobility charity is so appropriate to the work we do within Second Life, and we hope you agree!

100% of the proceeds from the M.I.N.E 5 pose (pictured below) will go to the Motivation Charity. Its only L$250 and it will help benefit the lives of those who need your help.

Once the Pose Fair opens, we'll make an update post with the landmark to the ANA_Mation's booth at the fair. Take care everyone!

ANA_Mations Main Store

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring hits Summerland!

Weeeeee new stuff!

Spring has sprung on Summerland! But there's no rain clouds here currently.. its all sunshine and the golden seventies baby.

First Up... Something FREE. Yeah, I said it. (In the General Store!)

Secondly, new couples poses! The M.I.N.E. collection is now out so you can run around the grid in your swimsuit and summerwear snapping pics with your beau. (Found in the Photography section!)

M.I.N.E. #1

M.I.N.E. #2

M.I.N.E. #3

M.I.N.E. #4

M.I.N.E. #5

Whew! Now.. something to cool you off! This sprinkler is so superawesomefunfaantastic*gasp* get the point. It has 4 cute jumping, flipping, playing animations that makes you want to throw your bathing suit on and invite your friends over!

(In the General Store - demo next door to the Roller Rink!)


Friday, March 5, 2010

New Prefab, furniture and photography prop!

A new house! Sunshine.. Warmth.. Beauty.. yes, I AM talking about Farrah Fawcett! A little tribute to that sweetheart of a lady whose hair we've all bought at Truth ;)

Some screenshots-but.. this is one little house that you'll need to actually tp your little bottoms down here and stand inside to truely feel the warmth:

(Get ready for picture spam!)

Table and chairs are available for sale. Each chair has 4 animations. Great for sitting around with your friends!

Adjoining living room. Chairs, rug, pictures included!

Super cute decorative poppy lights.

The Goodnight Farrah bed has 10 animations for you to sleep alone, sleep with a friend(mind out of the gutter people!) or just hang out. It's definitely a pg bed but if you feel so inclined to add "other" animations you can do so, the bed -is- modifiable.

and probably my most favorite part of this release:

This Chair.. although functional.. is one hot little pose prop too. It's pretty irresistible not to sit in the chair and have the urge to take pictures of yourself lounging around in it!

Also available for the chair is a couples cushion that has 2 cuddly animations in it.

I put the Chair in the Photography Store for those looking for just the prop.. but its also found at the Goodnight Farrah House here:

ANA_Mations, Summerland

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 New Releases! Plus XStreet sales!

3 Brand Spanking New Couples Poses in the Photography Store!

200L each, Mod/Transfer!

Also XStreet [ONLY] Sales:

500L - The Doll AO!! (save 1000L !)

500L - The Photographers Chaise!! (Save 2000L !! =O )

500L- Infinity 4 in1 Mens AO !! (save 1000L!)